Thinking Beyond the Obvious

My experience in the area of inventing and commercializing new products is what enables me to offer my clients superior patenting services. In addition to being a registered US Patent Agent (registration #43124) since 1998, I also have real-world experience as an inventor, product development engineer, and entrepreneur. Few patent practitioners that you will interview to represent you before the PTO will have such a broad background upon which to serve your interests - A background that will be applied to maximize the value of your invention. 


An Inventor 
I invented and patented my first invention more than 8 years ago. Being an inventor, I know how important your invention is to you. Unlike many patent practitioners who have never invented anything themselves, I have patented several of my inventions and have several patents applications currently pending. Knowing how important my inventions are to me, I know why it is so very important that I pay close attention to details when preparing and prosecuting patent applications for my clients. 


A Product Development Engineer 
A valuable asset that I am able to offer my clients is my experience as a Product Development Engineer. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1988, I accepted a position with 3M Company (America's Most Admired Innovation Company) as a Product Development Engineer. Over the next 9 years, I had direct responsibility for bringing new products to market. Unlike a Product Design Engineer who focuses solely on designing a product, my responsibilities also included leading the marketing and manufacturing efforts during the development phase of the commercialization process. Needless to say, since the ultimate objective of securing a patent is commercializing the invention, this product development experience is quite valuable in patenting and commercializing my own inventions and those of my clients.  


An Entrepreneur 
Of all my experience, I believe the perspectives and skills I have developed as an entrepreneur are what make my patenting services uniquely different from those of other practitioners. Many practitioners are inventors themselves and many have also worked in a corporate environment developing new products. However, few have actually commercialized one of their own inventions with their own money and time. Having commercialized two of my own inventions, I have gained a unique insight into why issues such as design for manufacturability, economical manufacturing processes, cost/price analysis, marketing, advertising, quality, and, most importantly, competitive products must be considered prior to filing a patent application. I make it a point to use this experience to add commercialization value to my clients' patent applications.

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